Roll some bones and/or get boned by rolls with GRG


I’ve been part of GRG for less than two years at this point. During that time, I’ve seen some form of “someone should run a D&D game” sentiment on two or three occasions. What better time than the present to get a serious discussion going?

What we need:
Upwards of five people to play
One person to run the game

I’ll throw my hat in the GM ring. I really need to limit my D&D intake but I promise that whatever system I’d run will be at least as simple and the books will be optional. Other people are, of course, welcome to do so as well.

Who would be up for such shenanigans? (raises hand)
How often would you like to play? Groups commonly meet anywhere from once a week to once a month.
What time would be good? (Non-Friday evenings after 1830-1900-ish EST are best for me)
How would you prefer to play? Common options are Roll20/Fantasy Grounds (both free for players) for neat maps or Discord + dice bot for more “theater of the mind” play.

Now go roll for anal circumference or whatever it is that you do.




I would be down depending on the scheduling.


I have been looking into getting involved in some sort of tabletop rpg. Ive been reading up on Call of Cthulu and other systems. However my schedule is a nightmare due to it being rotational to make a set night


If we could determine a schedule, I’d be in.


@sjam613 can I roll for insight?


Looks like this is perfect of a different thread…


Man i would love to do this, ive listened to several D&D podcasts and have wanted to try it out but dont have the social circle for it or in other words not enough friends lol depending on times and such i would be all in for sure.


I’d love to roll the bones. I could only do Weekends though. Most any time Friday through Saturday. Morning through evening on Sunday.




I promise, I’m still thinking about this. Shortly after I posted, bossman announced that it was crunch time.

Shared @Nanookbjorn’s Humble Bundle link with my Pathfinder GM who bought it pretty much immediately. Two things to note: It contains Starfinder, which has several changes (some would claim them to be improvements but the grognard of my group says otherwise). Also, Pathfinder 2 is coming out soon-ish so that may affect the number of OG Pathfinder groups.


I got that bundle a year or two ago but haven’t played Pathfinder. Good deal. I’m still interested if we do something here.


Im still in whatever is decided, take your time as needed DM’ing isnt something that can be done with no preparation from what i know




I use that all the time…love it!


I know absolutely nothing about D&D or tabletop RPG games, but I’d be interested, depending on scheduling. You’d have to drag my noob ass through things, but I’m all about it.


I know as much as 2 podcasts have taught both with completely different gaming styles and 1 is 5th edition and the other is pathfinder which are different systems