Rocket League Beta Sign up - PS4

Podcast that i watch is doing a live stream of a game called Rocket league, they have a link for an “exclusive” beta sign up. beta goes live on friday. I signed up. games looks fun.

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Never heard of it, but I signed up to check it out.


looked like soccer with cars, all physics based, up to 4v4. guys playing seemed to be having fun, not faking it.

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just got mine!! Who’s down to Rocket League it Up!

So the times for Beta Play for April 24th - May 1st are 12pm-1am Eastern

I have a code as well. I’ll download this tonight at some point. Not sure when.

i got a code too… ill use the pos PS app to start the download, dunno when ill be home but can’t wait to give it a try.

they really need to work on mobile PS store accessibility, but i got the download started on my ps4, itll be done by the time i get home later.

this game is a lot of fun, streaming now. hit me up if you wann join

new link, Main man said on twitter that he has sent out a code to everyone that signed up. so if you dont have one yet, @RTuTTle86, try this new link.

also, split screen in the beta:
Pressing the options button on a second controller in a match with space
on one of the teams will bring up a second screen. Works for up to four

hell yes!!

@RTuTTle86, @Klown4Life and I got into a few games tonight. we were doing fine then ran into some connection issues, when we got that straitened out, we ran into some super elite guys. I don’t say that cuz we were losing, i say that cuz these guys were doing plays i didnt even know were possible… this Acidtwist or something guy hit the ball, drove up the wall, then jumped off and boosted down to the ball and hit it into the goal… made me realize that there is a lot more to this game than i thought…

still having a great time. this is my new Monday Night Combat. (downloadable game that i can put over 100 hours into)

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Get a private 3v3 for community night and please someone stream it so I can watch from work :frowning:

would love to but i dunno if we have enough people.

If you still have the beta installed, the servers are back up with new modes and features added. I know what im doing this week.

According to the in game message the official announcement isn’t until tomorrow, May 13th, but Rocket League is once again playable for those who had access to the first beta. Details on whether new invites will be sent out are likely to be confirmed tomorrow.

For those already in the Rocket League beta here is what’s new:

  • 4v4 Chaos Mode added
  • Servers will be open 24/7
  • Old stadium has been replaced with new location, Mannfield.
  • Tutorial & Training mode have been added.
  • Text chat accessible by pressing up on d-pad.

This second beta will last until May 19th, giving beta testers a week to play around with and get to grips with Rocket League’s vehicle football based shenanigans.

and if you wanna sign up, do that here:

@Audible_Silence do we have enough for 4v4 for clan night

oh god i hope so!!!

@grimdawg83 @RTuTTle86 @lukimazit ummm not sure who has it.