Rift IB and new matchmaking

IB rift was a mess, especially solo. When I could find a GRG’er still playing destiny, we’d do ok. The new connection prioritized matchmaking combined with it being Rift led to many matches decided by mercy rule or 10K point gaps.
I think I’m finally over Destiny for the most part, ready to catch up on backlog, and really digging TF2.
This video represents my last IB run and much of the annoyances. (Still loading in/trying to land and the fucking game ended while I was still in the loading screen).


The last Iron Banner was enough for me. Grenade spam and that IB Pulse rifle just pushed me over the edge. No way I was going to play Rift, I don’t like that game mode at all.

I think most people are taking a break from destiny. Really need some major content to bring the masses back. That said, maybe after the holidays we can run some old raids for shits and giggles. Maybe a monthly event or some shit.


I’m interested in doing some SRL… the plague lands are essentially one big open race track so it should be fun. Other than that… destiny has jumped the shark as far as I’m concerned

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We should be able put together a race or two.