Ridiculous Six breaks Netflix Record

How? Why? Wtf?

Netflix has revealed that Adam Sandler’s The Ridiculous Six is the most popular film ever for the streaming service.

The company’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, boasted about the flick’s success at CES, according to The Verge.

“The Ridiculous Six, by way of example, in the first 30 days on Netflix it’s been the most-watched movie in the history of Netflix,” he said. “It’s also enjoyed a spot at No. 1 in every territory we operate in, and in many of them it’s still No. 1.”

It’s important to note that the Adam Sandler vehicle isn’t just topping Netflix originals; it’s also beat out licensed films from other studios that appear on the service.

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Really. Anyone watch this? Is it any good?

I laughed my ass off. Best Adam Sandler flick since Happy Gilmore.

No shit? Happy Gilmore is great, still quote that movie to this day.

I watched it, and it is ridiculous. But, it is better than some of the shit he has had lately.

About middle of the road for me. Wasn’t terribly impressed with it.

Well saying best Adam Sandler movie since Happy Gilmore is middle of the road. None of his movies are close to HG. Anything after HG was shit.

But Mr. Deeds was filmed in my town. Why the hate?

I forgot about that one. It was ok. Not shit, ok. I have watched it more than I should.

I watched R6 intoxicated. Which is how all his movies should be watched.

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I’m an Adam and Sadler fan, but this was hard to watch. Me and the wife had to take a break until we could get more booze.