Return of the Regulators - LFG RDR2 Online for Friday 11/30 - Starting around 8:00 ET. (XBOX)

I will be setting Fo76 aside for a night (11/30) to jump into some online Red Dead. I will have a party going by 8:00 jump in if you please.

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I’ll have to log in tonight to set my toon up, but I look forward to this. Hopefully you’ll go late.

What time zone?

It’s in the title. 8 ET. Eastern Time.

I’m an idiot…facepalm

No worries. It happens all the time.

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Note for anyone who wants to jump in, it takes about an hour to set up your toon and then run thru the intro online story before you can actually group up with friends. I haven’t grouped up yet so I’m not sure how the experience for that will be, but if you think you’re gonna just jump in, you’re not.

Create a temporary posse, invite 3 more people. It’s easy and straightforward. Once you gett $200 you can create a permenant 7 man posse. You can join multiple.

Wade, JH, and myself played some last night. Shenanigans all around.

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Normally would be in for this, but I’m going to use the Wife-Free night to continue catching up to the crowd in FO76 after resetting my toon. Next time for sure!

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Awesome! I’m looking forward to jumping in. Doing the initial mission was cool. It seems as if they made an entire new game with online only story missions.