Reposting Intro

Hi all,

Reposting my intro as I was largely inactive on here. PC/PlayStation/Stadia(yeah, it is still a thing, who knew?)/Switch gamer. I’ve fallen back into Destiny and I know this community still has some people playing so thought it might be a way to plug back into some of the group content a solo player misses out on. But lately I also dabble in some HoTs, League, Overwatch, Apex and Tribes of Midgard, and am kind of always down for being the guy that will prioritize staying back defensively in a Rocket League match, which can be quite useful (it’s also because I’m terrible at aerial attacking, but that sounds less altruistic).

Anyway, hope everybody is keeping chill. Maybe catch you online at some point.

GoatHammer on Steam
MilesPrower#1190 on Bnet
GoatSidekick on PSN(though I mostly play single player stuff on console)


welcome back. Hit up @valiantvictory he will get setup with a group on Destiny.