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Regulators Posse Up in RDR2 Xbox


Saturday 12/1 around 8am Central I will be looking to group up in RDR2 on Xbox. I haven’t had much time to play and think I’m around level 7. Anyone wanting to join up so we can create a permanent posse soon needs to get your ass online so get your spurs, whiskey, and tobacco to chew on and let’s rob some people blind. Hit me up with a reply if you want to join up so I’ll know who to look for

Red Dead online - Xbox one

I’m down to posse up I think I’m level 4. I have no Idea what Im doing but I did accidentally shoot some schmuck just ridding by. I was promptly killed by his friends


Just noticed this thread and made one myself! I need a posse in rdr2! I am going to remake my online character as he looks retarded but would be happy to join y’all.


Not sure if everyone knows this but permanent posses are limited to 7 people. Don’t wait for others to make one if you want one. Basically everyone is going to have a permanent posse eventually if they want it. You can join as many as you like and more than likely will be playing with a different one each time you play depending on who gets on first,etc.


Wait, so does this mean it is limited to 7 people total?
Or just 7 is the maximum “team” size at any one time, but the posse itself can contain more than that?

Otherwise it seems like this will get messy and at 200 a pop it’s going to be somewhat limiting too…


Everything I have read says it is limited to 7 people.


That does seem like a royal pain.


Yea not what I was expecting considering they have social club and the way they did GTAV.


Still need a posse myself im a bit new to the online part