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Red Dead Online Beta Update Continues to Target Destructive Behaviour

Red Dead Online is still trying to find ways to reduce unwanted player aggression in its expansive Wild West world. This latest update will introduce reduced blip visibility over distance and changes to the bounty system.

Player positions will not appear on the map unless they are within 150 meters of another player. If the player is a little further away they will only appear when they shoot. If someone escapes griefing to another far away town, the griefer won’t be able to see them and track them down.

The update also makes overly hostile players become more visible on the map, as well as that player’s Posse members, with a “progressively darkening dot that incrementally shifts from blue to dark red”. Hostile actions include attacking and killing players or their horses outside of a structured mode or event. It will also be easier to resolve a dispute with Parleys and Feuds, as these can now be applied to an entire Posse conflict.

Players who rack up high bounties in free roam will be hounded by NPC bounty hunters, and killing another player can incur a high bounty. The higher the bounty, the more dogged the bounty hunter pursuit becomes.

Besides these griefer-mitigating changes, Rockstar are also adding a lot of Daily Challenges, where completing challenges can earn Gold Nuggets and XP. The Varmint Rifle’s accuracy is being rebalanced too.

The update will land on February 26th, and more details on the update’s content will be coming from Rockstar in the meantime.