Recent info from State of the Game stream...some promising...

04/05/2016 SotG A helpful update for those we missed this weeks SotG, and there is a lot to take in today ladies & gentlemen so buckle up. All quotes taken from the stream with community devs and a technical coordinator.
1.2 is in testing phase and is intended to be rock solid.
No exact date on 1.2 - “soon”
“A lot” of bug fixes dropping in 1.2, including Reckless chest & One is None.
LOOT: Conceed they have taken the focus away from crafting, but didn’t do enough to make the loot drops good enough/easy enough to obtain. Currently improving quality of HE drops.
1.2: “Be generous” with loot, in terms of source, quality and quantity of loot. They want the loot to be the "main source of upgrade"
1.2: New DZ bracket, 200ivl+ - provides opportunity to face tougher npcs in DZ, with better rewards. “Much more really good loot” “The best quality of loot possible” “240 gear sets drops, 204 items drop.” "Reduced mod drop rates, changed the weights of other drops, increase chance for weapon drops."
1.2: All activities receive increased rewards: quality and quantity.
1.2: Incursions will drop more loot in 1.2 (suggestive)
1.2: All DZ brackets receive increased loot quantity and quality, in order to allow players progression through DZ to the 200+ bracket through DZ loot.
1.2: No green or blue division tech in 200+ ONLY YELLOW DIV TECH
1.2: Only level 32-34 enemies in dz 200+
1.2: Hinted at improving supply drops "you will fight for the supply drops believe me."
1.2: "The removal of bullet king and “love for PvE” will return in 1.2"
1.2: No nerfs in all the “balancing” only buffs.
1.2: “Buff weaker stuff, not nerfing strong stuff” - "NO DRASTIC NERFS"
1.2: Balanced should only affect the very first shot, nothing else.

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