Reapercast Topic Ideas (SERIOUS DISCUSSION ONLY)

As was mentioned in our Reapercast discussion thread, it takes a good amount of work to keep the podcast going as we juggle real life. We appreciate the feedback and it is rewarding knowing that some of you enjoy the show and don’t want to see it end.

We want to keep the cast going for our community here and need your help. One of the ways you can help keep it going is to give us topic ideas on what you want to hear us banter about.

Please use this thread if you think of a good topic that you want to hear us rant on. So things don’t get lost in the shuffle, please only use this thread to post out a topic idea ( I will even refrain from my own dumbass type posts in here).

I will put one of my ideas in the next post to give you guys an idea. Thanks!

As adult gamers, what do you do to juggle real life and gaming?

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Here is one I struggle with, and it may have already been addressed. How do you feel about reboots of classics? A good example is something like Tecmo Bowl when they brought that to the 360. For me at first I was all “fuck yeah!” then you play it and realize, it’s not a bad game but it’s just not the same.

Is it worth the retro reboots or would you rather feel the nostalgia on the original retro consoles if you own them?


Great suggestion! I’m torn on this myself. Sometimes the nostalgia is better than the game. Other times, it may be a truly great game that just needs 21st century graphics and a modern interface.

Here’s another: are you a “closet” gamer? Gaming is one of my favorite things – and has been for 40 years – but when you work in corporate America, that’s sort of a secret I keep to myself. Is there a stigma attached to being a man child, middle aged video gamer?


I work in IT…I would be weird if I didn’t game lol.

To add to your 21st century graphic comment I think that is true. Wolfenstein might be the best recent example. I loved the originals and the new one was just amazing to me, probably the best SP experience I have had on this gen (as I said on the cast last night). They made some nods to the original but made it its own game. That was perfect.

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One that could tie into E3 would be new IPs. There are always going to be the CoDs, BFs, Halos, and others, what new is coming out that drives interest. over watch is getting a lot of good traction with the group, but is there anything else that draws interest?

That is a great one. Not something I broadcast that is for sure.

Local, great beer. Everyone seems to be from all over the map. I’d love to know what to keep a look out for up here in the great white north.

Glitching and outright cheating. Now that Blizzard and Ubisoft both are banning for first time offenses. What other major titles need to do this?


Love this one. I always try to drink a local beer on the cast when I am on for this reason.

Some retro gaming topics:

  • Remakes (both Rabb and I mentioned this) - what games deserve remakes, what games shouldn’t have been remade, general feelings about remakes/re-issues

  • Changes how games used to be packaged (think of the elaborate packaging and pack-ins of the old Infocom adventures and Ultima games).

  • How we used to find out about games pre-internet (what games were worth buying, how to complete a given level, secrets / easter eggs).

  • The best and worst elements (including head-scratching missteps) of each console generation dating back to Atari vs Intellevision.


Lots of us are old school and seen gaming evolve. One of the big evolutions was Internet and Internet gaming.
Lot of us started many games as a single player experience as time pushed forward now social gaming is a big thing. Since we are in a gaming community I would assume everybody is here to be social gamers, do we have any people that mostly play single player games?
I think be interesting to have a diverse panel talking about if they only single player, multiplayer, or both… And how that’s changed from how they use to play until now. And if they think single player will go extinct eventually.


Bumping as we mentioned this on the current Reapercast.

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Another topic: Preview or Early Access programs for games.

  • Are we just paying to be alpha/beta testers?
  • Who benefits more from these programs - the gamer or the developer?
  • Do preview program members feel too entitled or expect too much (given the complaining you see on developer forums)?
  • Are the risks (character or server wipes, loss of progress, etc.) worth it?

New IPs vs prequels & sequels to current games.

Pro vs Cons
Is the risk worth the isk (Money)
Kick Starter vs Standard Productions
Is gaming slowly dwindling down or is technology advancing so quick that we as gamers are now expecting the games to be released at the same pace? Does this negatively or positively effect the gaming community?

I like this. Only reason Nintendo maybe still in business is they have so many great IPs. And it’s hard for people to turn head to something that is new. Lot to say about this.

Gaming and your Relationships

  • Did you ever believe that you could develop ‘hatred’ for someone in the digital world?
  • Social aspects…Do you favor gaming people, communities, relationships…over other hobbies and lifestyle aspects?
  • How does or has gaming affected you personal relationship(s) throughout the years?
  • Has gaming been a beneficial hobby/lifestyle for you overall?

I would still like to hear about more craft beer, and breweries. Recommendations and what to avoid (candy cane ale). Also, BBQing and grilling. Some of the posts you guys make in food pron look great.

It’s not gaming related, but still interesting once in a while.

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We’re always looking for ideas.

Send out member/staff Q&A to be read on the show since a lot of people can’t be on the air.

So …I have been thinking about this for awhile…and when we did the paladins interview, it brought up the thought again.

What if we were able to interview popular twitch streamers…have a formalized Q&A. How they got into it, games, equipment, etc?

Could even go as far as contacting various F2P game companies like Paladins or even people on the early access/green light programs to see if we can get interviews for our podcast.

I have almost reached out a few times to companies and streamers, but never went through because I didn’t want to surprise anyone here on staff.

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