ReaperCast Looking for Guests

I’m looking for a guest for the ReaperCast this upcoming show (or future shows). New or returning members, either is fine. The ReaperCast is a community podcast and I would really like to showcase our community. Sure we Count to Potato and our Favorite color is 3 but we’re special. Mama told us so.

We record every other Monday and start gathering at 8:30 PM EST. Expect to spend 2 hours (pre and post show). We use Discord so anyone can join in (phone and gaming headset works fine. No earbud mics please).

Any idea what the talking points will be yet? I wouldn’t mind showing up but been out of the loop for a bit.


At the moment, no. Gaming news has been really slow. So we are always open for ideas.

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Well I could talk about the No Man’s Sky update that was dropped a month ago that I’ve been playing and I’ll likely get some time in on Snow Runner this weekend. Not really all that meat in those two though.

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If you’re free then let’s lock it in.

Unless things change this might be a good time to focus on a Main topic instead of news. We’ll figure something out.

I’ll fuck with you guaranteed

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Let’s do it.

See ya Monday night!

Bumping thread. Looking for anyone interested in stepping up. Would love to get a newb so we can do a Member Spotlight section.

Returning guest is fine as well.

This is for the May 18th show. We gather at 8:30 PM EST, start at 9:00 PM EST and usually go for an hour or so.

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