ReaperCast 141 - Looking for guests - CoD Beta

Anyone want to come on the next ReaperCast to talk about the Call of Duty Cold War Beta? We are recording this upcoming Monday, October 19th @ 9PM EST. It doesn’t matter if you have been on or are new to the show (even better as we can do a Member Spotlight section). We are just looking to do a review of the CoD beta.

We will also discuss the latest gaming and geek news.

@codplayers @XBoxGamers @PS4Players @PCGamers

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just saying hi, cuz i got nothing to add to a cod discussion…destiny is kinda a snooze-fest atm…but a new season is only 3 weeks away…zzzz…carry on

Bump. Anyone interested?

@codplayers @XBoxGamers @PCGamers @PS4Players

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I am not playing the Beta and was just on the last episode so I don’t bring anything to the party other than my smoooooth voice and another plug for Extra Life!!

I can if you need someone.

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