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RDR2 Gold Rush - First quality of life update...


Rockstar’s blog outlines several changes that should help even out the economy, including better cash and gold payouts for activities and missions, and reduced weapon prices. Rockstar says that those who have already purchased weapons at their current prices will be refunded the difference sometime in the next week. The developer also says it is rebalancing the values of animal pelts and fish, though given the fact hunting and fishing are two of the best ways to make money in Red Dead Online right now, we don’t know if that means the prices will increase or decrease.

In addition to the changes, Rockstar is giving all beta participants a hefty reward for their patience. Anyone who logged into the Red Dead Online beta will receive $250 in-game dollars and 15 gold bars. Gold is Red Dead Online’s premium currency, and it would take a whole lot of horse wrangling to earn that amount from activities as things are balanced now. If you haven’t participated in the beta yet, don’t fret – Rockstar says the offer will extend to anyone who logs in before midnight PST today.