Rapture Rejects : An isometric Battle Royale in the Cyanide & Happiness Universe

I came across this in my trolling of steam the other day. I had never heard of the webseries it was based on but as funny as the trailers were for this game I had to check them out as well, and oh my they are short but hilarious cartoons. I think this could make for a fun game night, I am not sure of the $20 price tag especially for Early Access but it has positive steam reviews(for what thats worth). For now I have added this to my wishlist waiting for a better price or a future contect release.

If this review doesn’t scream GRG I don’t know what does lol


“On the character customization there is an option for “Boobs” and Dong”. You could check both boxes and have boobs and a dong at the same time. 8/8 Character customization."

the Webseries compiliations can be found here:

Great webcomic.

They also did their own take on CaH.

I played in the beta period months ago. The release version appears pretty much identical.

Fun for a round or two but the community is horrid.