Ranking All 93 Warzone Weapons with Meta/Top Gun Class Setups/Loadouts

I know he’s not loved by everyone, but it’s not a bad video…

I still don’t know what AR I like. I struggle with the AMAX for some reason. Lately I’ve been using the Krig but I know it’s TTK is slower than most other ARs. Also, CW weapons are so fucked up because attachments are not working as intended.

The Kar98 has been my go to sniper for a long time now. It’s just so much fun to use.

I used the AMAX a bit last night again. If you’re not that far it’s good and easy to use. Where it struggles is distance. If you can mount it and use it, it’s great, but unmounted, it takes some getting used to. However, that match where we got 4th and I was the last one alive, I used the M13…I still use it as my go to.

Crazy how they have 93 guns yet only a handful are useful. Entire classes of guns are trash and no one uses.

I know people hated the DMR meta but now it’s Amax / Mac10 or Sniper / Mac10.