Rainbow Six Seige

Ubisoft has already given us a quick introduction to some of the operators that will be playable in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, but now we will get a more in depth look at the British Counter Terrorism Unit, the SAS, in the first episode of Inside Rainbow. This series looks to showcase the different skill set of each operator, and how the unit can work together as a whole during a mission. As Ubisoft has dubbed this to be the first installment, we can expect more episodes in the future following the other four units in the game: GIGN, FBI SWAT, GSG 9 and Spetsnaz.

Rainbow Six Siege is expected to release later this year for the Xbox One.


It’s definitely getting love within GRG. Quite a few of us are excited about it, personally it will be the next game I buy for sure.

Hey I’m new here like 2 mins old, new. Too fucking old for that level of strategic realistic god damn fucking team shooter!!! I’ll bring your attention to rainbow six 3 on the 1st gen xbox good sir, that was the bawss! And all this fancy modern aim assisted crap needs to eat a dick.

Ps love you. Xxx

We have a lot of people interested in this title. After all, RB6 Vegas 1&2 were mainstays of this clan for years. Really not much to say until the beta or game comes out. But we will be all over this when it comes out.

I fucking hope it’s not a dissapointment. For me theres absolutely nothing like communicating and working with your team to serve up a goid old plate of dicks to the enemy, hope they have a competetive option. Old clancy stuff was ace including splinter cell Pandora tomorrow and chaos theory.

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