Raid or Crucible 10/6

I’m up for either doing the Raid or some Crucible tonight. I’m not sure I’m in the mood for another stressful raid night after finally getting past the hump last night. If we do get a raid party together, I only want to be in a group that actually knows the fights / jumps and is equipped. Weeknights are tough and I don’t want to spend forever on one part.

I’ll probably be happier in Crucible, especially If we can’t get a solid group for the Raid. So I’ll probably lean that way.

BTW, I don’t mean to sound like an Elitist Dick about the Raid. Sure, I am a dick just not an elitist one. I just can’t keep doing mega late nights during the work week. I’ll run with anyone on the weekends when we have more time. (even if I did the raid already).

Tuttle Jr.

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You’re just upset because by the time you get to 40, we’ll have moved on to Peggle.

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I vote crucible. Late nights are killing me as well.

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Works for me. I’ll break out the HammerBro!

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I say Crucible because I can’t do the raid. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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i would be down for either tonight as well as the NF. Its reset night beotches.

We need to get your bitch ass geared up!

Ahem…cough cough

Nightfalls aren’t worth the time.

Like…a thousand times.

I’d probably still do nightfalls but they wont be a top priority like they used to be.

I’d rather do Crucible tonight.

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Works for me. Need a break for super serious play. I’ll be on in a Crucible room tonight.

Crucible Tuesday, has a ring to it.

I’m down for whatever. Still havent done the raid, but that will come with time. Crucible will be gravy.