Raid 4/21 Argos Extinction

It is time again to show this guy who’s the boss. Will try to get an Argos 2 check point if I can LFG a room. We could still make a fresh run and then skip Phase 1 if we get stuck there. @DestinyPlayers

We gather around 9 est and try to start at 9:30. Sign up here. We LFG if necessary but prefer to run all GRG.

In so far:
Sniper T1
Destroyer T1 (yes, he is back)

I plan to attend…that said my sister went and turned 40 this week so we are celebrating her bday…at 7…my be 10 b4 I get on…so if you are full up when I get there I will play as backup for your 1st drop

I’ll be there. Will run my Warlock up to Phase 2 and then I’ll be the tether Hunter.

Best run we have had since we started this weekly event back in December. Three clears in 3 weeks. Started from the beginning too. 5 Hunters and 1 Warlock I think for the final phase. Destroyer T1, @valiantvictory, @ezekielJP, @ixL0N3W0LFxi, @Ridethewave. Don’t forget to grab your Clan Raid rewards from Hawthorne.

Raid video to follow