Rage 2 two hours impression (full review soon)

Rage 2 just dropped and I stayed up to play it, why? I dont have a goddamn clue since i didnt enjoy the first one but I’m glad i did. So I only played for roughly 2 hours but right off the bat it was instant killing and gore and I loved it. The controls so far feel pretty good although i havent had the chance to mix up crazy combos and stuff with powers and what not but I’ll get to that eventually. I did have one audio glitch where it had just cut out but I had subtitles on so I didnt miss anything. Driving is easy and to the point with nothing complicated just drive and smash stuff. So in all, my first impressions are I’m happy, I bought the game already and if you like to shoot shit, blood, gore and general fuckery that doesnt seem to take itself to serious then consider picking this up. Give me another 30 hours and I’ll throw down a more in depth review (maybe more in depth, I’m just an over opinionated asshole but I’ll try) hopefully in a couple weeks spoiler free and with the good and the bad as I see it. See you then.


I appreciate any and all game reviews from GRG members.

I know there’s tons out there but fuck knows who’s being sponsored or biased or whatever.