Rabb's Streaming Channels


I’m about to resume streaming and don’t really have a schedule at the moment so it will be sporadic. I’ll be using Mixer.


Fun fact: I’m not entertaining

About the GRG Streamers category

Was going to add you to GRG’s Channel but I don’t think we have a Mixer one (or if Mixer allows Autohosting).

You are in the Chat Announcement’s so people there will be alerted when you start streaming.


Apparantly we have a team (you’re already in it) but I have no clue how to edit it. Or maybe I can’t.



Only Beers can edit that.


Updated with my Twitch info also, may just do that since it’s easier multi platform to do.




I know, fuck that guy!


Twitch is set for auto-hosting to the GRG channel. Also set for announcements for either twitch or mixer on chat.


That’s the general rule but ofc Rabb is excluded.