Questions about World Tiers

What’s up with power leveling and World Tiers? Last night I dropped all the gear for @beers_and_leafs so he could get his character up to 480+ Gear score. I was assuming when we went to his world tier it would automatically bump him to WT4 (WT5 being unlocked once he completes Tidal Basin). When we went to his world he was still on WT1.

Is it because he didn’t complete the 1st cycle of Black Tusk missions?

Yes. The gear score is a requirement to so the mission, but you still have to do the mission to get to the next world tier

You would have needed to be in his world for it to count towards his missions and WT progression. If he was in your world he would be getting higher gear to use that you drop for him which makes it a breeze and experience but nothing to reflect completions once he went back to his instance.

The thing I hate about this is when you’re the higher geared/tiered agent in the others world your gear drops scale to their WT level… I understand why but it just becomes stuff you share, trash or leave on the ground unless you get some good attributes or talents to recalibrate

Yes, we geared him up at my world tier level. Then we moved back to his after he was 480+ (I joined his group). It was set to world tier 1. So I guess we just need to finish tidal and it will bump him up.

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