Question - POE IP NVR and Camera System Options?

Any of you guys have any experience with POE IP NVRs?
I have a Job Site where I need 4 cameras set up, and I’ve been looking at NVR options.
I’d really like built in POE (which is pretty standard I think) and Cloud Storage options (even if it’s through a paid subscription model).
I’ve been looking at the ReoLink family of products, but I know there’s a ton of manufacturers and brand loyalty in this zone is next to nothing. Any guidance or opinions are very welcome.

Network Video Recorder?

I just installed another one a few weeks ago. Well, mounted the server and gave the security guys an IP and network run. I’d have to look at the brand they use. If I don’t have to admin it I just leave it alone. When you touch something here you own it forever.

I do know the cameras we use are all POE and they get plugged into Cisco 3850s that obviously have POE ports. And we just have a camera VLAN throughout the campus.

Yea NVR is “Network Video Recorder”.
As opposed to a DVR which takes analog cameras and saves the feed digitally.
Yea, what you described is the basic network layout.
I’m just having to do all the damn research for this crap, because… you know… it touches the network.
I keep telling them to call freaking ADT, but aint no-body listenin to me.
They saw a system on QVC for $400 bucks that’ll do everything they want it to do, but they can’t remember what it was called. (and I can’t find proof any such thing exists, QVC partners with RING, lol)
Gotta love Execs, lol.

Our system is a bit above the 400 dollar mark.

we have dabbled a bit with POE…gotta keep those runs separate…there are some good systems out there (and many crappy ones)

this may have been the one we used