PVP Build

I prefer pve but am interested in working on a pvp build on the side. Is a stam blade build a decent pvp build? I really prefer archer. Will this work? Was reading last night about a warden hunter build. I like the idea of an animal. Which would work better for pvp?

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There are a lot of stamblades in cyrodiil, however, any class can be run in pvp for example stam dk is becoming popular because of the poison damage built into some of the class skill morphs. It’s more about being able to run the rotation and having the right skills.

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I have a stamblade, Magicka Sorcerer and a low level Stamina Warden that I use for PVP. My templar sits on the side until I can figure out what I want from that.

The three I have are all fun in their own ways. My sorcerer is great for large group fights but I haven’t really played that toon in a long time.

I’m not sure if I like the Nightblade or Warden better for PvP. I really like both and probably would like the Warden more if he was maxed rank… I don’t use a pet for the Warden, I’m not sure how effective they are in PvP and I didn’t know if they gave away your position while stealthed.

I’m not the best stam builder. I have one stam NB and DK, but they don’t hit the hardest. I recently set the nightblade to be big into poison because I got basically two shot on another char by this.

NB works well with archer because of having the stealth at any time. I had Warden set to stamina but with no natural gap closer wasn’t working well in Pvp for me. I suppose Warden would work as archer is you don’t like to play up close. I prefer being in the action than ranged. Warden are a strong class if built right I just haven’t found the sweet spot yet.

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My lowbie Warden is 2 handed & Bow. You have a gap closer with the 2 handed weapon. Plus, all you really need to do is spam Birds.

My preferred method would be to get in close and beat and bang. I always liked tanking in dungeons. Would a build like a tank work in pvp?

Yes. I’m not sure how they do it but I’ve seen some Dragonknights stand and take everything we toss at them. Then they fucking wipe us.

@deSoldier2001 any idea how that happens?

Tank works in Pvp. That’s my main char currently. If you like being in the action and annoying the enemy that is play style for you. I ran into a tanky Dragonknight last night, that also was doing good DPS. That class seems popular right now.

My instant tank build for any class is, all points into health, Imperial race, Plague Doctor set, and whatever secondary set you want. That alone will get you around 40-50k health. There are very tanky DK that I don’t know how they get their builds that way. The ones that have 15 people beating on them and not dying. I know they are block knights but I can’t find any builds that explain how they do it.

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I tried to make a block night on my own, All stam DK, reduced block glyphs, all sword & board passives, defensive posture for 8% reduction block, 90 pts in CP for reduced blocking. I’m just not sure what gear makes it work. My guess is those people don’t have whole sets on but 2-3 pieces for certain buffs.

I tried Tava’s favor and Blessed Meridia, which gives good Ulti return but I can’t block forever. I also have the Werewold Ulti on for stamina recovery but no dice.

Is there a way to level the Assault skill line without doing PvP? I did a full respec on my Templar and need that War Horn for one of my ultimates. I grabbed Rapid Maneuver and been doing quests in PvE but the bar won’t budge.

Edit: dumb question. I’m just going to go get slaughtered a few times and hope it levels. I hate PvP

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I’m not sure. It takes awhile for that to go.

I need to do the same for my healer I think. Can’t remember exactly which one.

The assault and support skill lines only level from AP in Pvp. If you don’t want to fight you can go around and repair walls at the keeps for minimal AP. If you jump in on the yellow zerg at night mostly you can just ride their coat tails during keep takes, 7 K per keep, 1.5K per resource, 3.5K per outpost. All that levels those skill lines.

To level a specific skill from assault or support you don’t have to be in Pvp.

@h2daddy are you starting a new character?

Maybe we should have an alts night. I’ve been wanting to level a Dragonknight. Just group up and burn through some PvE.

Would need to figure out a night to do this.

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Here is what I have. Trying to decide whether to work on one of these for pvp or start new.
Caster level 18
tank level 23ish
stamblade 18
Healer 50+

Any of those will. Or create a new one.

I was having a ball last night melting fools like candy, on Stam NB, w heavy poison dots via bow. Stayed at range, but if had shield stacking sorc would jump into close combat w Shield Breaker set equipped.

Magblade Bomber build is popular as well.It requires a higher skill cap and some gear farming ,but it is very effective against zergs.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_zTphTWKU8