Push Notifications on Android



Forums.grimreapergamers.com now supports push notifications on Android. Pending your mobile browser supports it. Currently supported ones are Chrome, Samsung Internet, Firefox, Edge and UC Browser.

To enable: Make sure that you turn on “Enable Notifications” under Live Notifications in your Profile > Preferences > Notifications. You must do this on your mobile browser.

You will then start to see notifications as people either Mention, PM or reply to a thread you are watching.

Apple Users: Sorry but this not yet supported as Apple has to be different and not use the standard Push API. Alternatively I would suggest downloading the Discourse App off the App Store. This will poll the site for updates and provide notifications that way.


Is that a Safari issue or an iOS issue? Can iPhone users load Chrome and have access to notifications?


That’s a good question. I know Safari does not support it from the browser perspective. So it may work if they load chrome.

On the other side I have heard that iOS does not allow push notification through any browser and only through an app. But am not 100% sure that is the case. If someone has an iPhone and wanted to test it out with the Chrome browser that would be super.


Sweet thanks man!


If your on iPhone then use the Discourse app. It’ll have notifications for the forums.