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[PS4] LFG Sunday 12/2/18


What we playing @PS4Players? Let’s party up! Let me know what you playin!

I’m down for Battlefield V, Fallout 76, BOps 4 or Destiny 2.


I’ll be on a little later this evening hopefully my hotspot is better today.


I may be on later for BF5, I’ll look for you.


BFV most nights for a couple hours from about 8:00pm MST


I’ll be on shortly.

Was playing Quantum Break on Xbox earlier, just about finished. Solid story and decent length.

Powers, fights and gunplay are OK.


I got on for a little Fallout 76 last night but then my game stupendously crashed and I couldn’t bring myself to log back in and clear the entire building again.

On the bright side I got a few pieces of Excavator Armour for free.
Still need to build all of them for the quest-line though.

Couple that with the vast quantity of Junk I lost the other day and it’s all a little disheartening. Never managed to lose so many hours of progress in a game before.