[PS4] Last Wish Raid 12/7/18



Raid time @PS4Players @destinyplayers ! Lets get signed up and get some Raid loot and another completion.

We will start partying up at 8:45PM EST and head into the Raid at 9:00PM EST.


Not going for the new Raid that releases sometime tomorrow then?
Think I saw mention of the recommended LL but I don’t recall right now.


I wouldn’t mind that’s for sure. LL recommended is 640 though I think. I am always down to get experience and explore so…


I’m down to run the last wish raid, also down to try out the new one.


I forgot about a party I’m going to so I might be on later that night if you’re short one. I’m free all weekend tho so if others want to run another I’ll be available. Good luck guys!


Works going pretty late today. I’ll be home eventually, like around 6 or 7 PST if yall are still trying to form up.


Do you need the expansion pass for the new raid? If not I might be up for trying it out


Yes, you need the Annual Pass.


Well damn it Bobby

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