[PS4] - GRG Last Wish Raid Night 10/5/2018

Alright @PlayStationPlayers @destinyplayers lets get ourselves on the ball and get signed up for tomorrows Last Wish Raid! We have quite a few of us who should be of light to make a good run at this.

We will go into the Raid promptly at 9PM EST so be there or be square!




good luck, rocket launcher with clusters are magic on Riven, ep shottie is great in almost all encounters, sleeper and whisper at the beginning. Well of Radiance and melting point great as well as the titans new void shield and of course a hunter with Orpheus an tether.


Sign me up, gamertag Mavellen_
Found the right thread this time lol.


Most here are East Coast US, though some are Central or even Mountain/Pacific.

I’m based in UK but one of a limited number outside the US.

I’m down I did part of a raid this week so I got a good grasp on almost everything riven is where. I got stuck at



No can do this week or next. Starting a p/t gig tomorrow.


We can run another on Saturday or Sunday… I’ve got 3 guardians at the ready :sunglasses:

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Yep I could do Saturday :smiley:


I should be on In time to do this…
Considering my car just starting smoking on me idk when I’ll be back home
@SoInZane I’ll message you n let you know


Pot or cigarettes?


@PlayStationPlayers @destinyplayers sign up! We’ve got 4 confirmed so far…

  1. Mavellen
  2. TwistedGunsmith
  3. StreetRacer (if his car kicks the habit)
  4. SoInZane

Reserves: @SourSmokE89 (will be on but not till around 11)

She won’t tell me what it was… she just started spewing white smoke

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If you’re down to raid tomorrow I think we might be looking to do another.

If we can’t get two. More we could lfg they have been kind to me. The past few days

I should be on by 1030 1045 est. If your still looking for someone I’ll definitely join. But I am down to do a raid tomorrow as well.


I plan on filling the spots regardless but GRG always gets dibs :sunglasses:


True that is true I think we’ve been through that scenario before lol

Not as good as we’d hoped lol… got through Kalli and had no :four_leaf_clover: on Shiro Chi, we were soooooo close multiple times to move on. We decided to regroup and go again tonight