Pro Wrestling

Anyone else in here a pro wrestling fan?
Think this forum needs to squared circle chatter.

I used to love the rocking roll express…with Ricky Morton…does that count?

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That is does.
The made an appearance on AEW a few weeks back, doubt the are still doing matches full time anywhere, but they do show up.

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My grandmother bought me one of the magazine with them on the front cover on one of our many rides on the Trailways buses from NC to California…

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It’s funny how many people have a wrestling story tied to their grandmothers it seems.
My story was my grandmother wanting me to watch something on Saturday mornings other than cartoons, because she thought they would rot my brain, so I started watching wresting.
She was not to thrilled with that.

Me with Rhyno

Me with Greg The Hammer Valentine


I work with a guy who used to wrestle…I will have to get his stage name…

The AEW PPV from over the weekend. Watch it now before it gets yanked.
All the matches were really good, but I LOVED the Orange Casidy vs PAC match, 2 1/2 hours into the show.

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I have a wrestling story tied to my Grandmother as well. Back in the day she used to watch wrestling while she knitted or crocheted. She would yell encouragement or frustration at the tv as her wrestler progressed through the match. One day she was out at a deli and saw two wrestlers who rivaled each other sitting and having a meal together. She was angered by this. She thought the rivalries were real.

I mostly watched in the late eighties to the early nineties. Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Ric Flair, The Big Boss Man, Brother Love, Ricky The Dragon Steamboat, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Jake The Snake Roberts, Diamond Dallas Page, Mr. Perfect, Bobby The Brain Heenan, Captain Low Albano, The Hart Foundation, The Bushwhackers, The Dudley Boys. Cactus Jack, Mankind, and such.

I didn’t know about CNW wrestling league until YouTube sent me this after watching some old WWF footage.

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Good to see Funk still taking chops.

Think I just found my new favorite AEW female wrestler…

Legendary team. I still remember their feud with the Midnight Express.

I still read the dirt sheets and occasionally watch AEW. WWE has gotten very predictable, stale and Vince McMahon could care less what the fans want.

Excellent show! AEW knows what its fans want and they gladly deliver. I wish they would partner with NJPW.

If you have Hulu, I HIGHLY recommend watching Dark Side of the Ring.
It can get a little depressing, but it is done so well. A bunch of stories about the darker side of pro wresting.

The Funker will never retire. The man has had legendary feuds in the US and Japan. Remember the King of the Deathmatch final with Cactus Jack? Sick match. The explosions for the ring turned out to be duds. Those two pros worked through the negative crowd reaction and finished the match to a chorus of ooohs and ahhhhs.

I remember going to the bingo hall in South Philly when I was still living there, watching Funk doing his thing.
The man has a body that just does not seem to register pain.

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I am very jealous. Wish I was able to attend those shows. I did attend a show in Queens though. I miss the original ECW so much.