Pre-order Forza Motorsport 7 Editions

I need to see prices on this. I’ll probably pick up Forza 7. I really enjoyed FH3 and GRG nights but I miss racing on set tracks.

Im holding out for that Rally game from a previous post. I was really unimpressed with 6. 4 and 5 are still the best ones.

I’ll get the ultimate edition like normal. I actually like 6 a lot more than 5.

The cars in 6 felt heavy. Like driving a boat. I kept trying to like it because I love the series. Just couldn’t click with it.

It may be cause I use a wheel. 6 felt more realistic with it.

Fair enough. I have my Elite which I’ve used for most racing games. 6 on a controller for me just felt awful.

Are you talking about Dirt 4? If you are it’s already out.

I’ll definitely be getting Forza 7, not sure which edition yet. I wasn’t crazy about 5 either the game seemed rushed, not a ton of content.