Potentially Huge Weapon Balancing Patch In Destiny


Everything is nerfed, save Pulse Rifles. They’re getting a buff. Also, your shotgun is 100% more useful in the campaign stuff, but there’s still a very small chance I’m ever trying that out. No way I’m getting that close to a Praetorian to find that out. I’ll be in the next zip code, sniping his face off.

My Prediction: Red Death/Bad Juju are going to be pretty damned solid.


Funny how Suros’s use goes way up during the Iron Banner. Best gun in game for PvP.

I’m not sure how they will balance the Pulse Rifle. Scout Rifles are so much more useful in PvE for me. This happened in Halo 4 with DMRs. No real reason to use a Battle Rifle. Up close, AR. Otherwise DMR. Same holds true in this game. They did give it a 9.7% increase, so maybe it’s viable now.

Hand Cannon’s strike me as a Hipster gun. “Look at me, I’m so cool and retro”. If you want precision, stick with the Scout. I really think they should add some perks to make these useful. Maybe increased movement speed while using a scout. Otherwise, it’s just a toy.

Suros’ use goes way up in Iron banner partially because of the bounties too. Handcannons are great, for the most part. They probably did need this nerf, though.

I was thinking the same thing…although I’m still on the second part (I think).