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Hey guys, I know none of you know me. I am new to this clan and I’m just learning how things work but I would love to play with all of you, I don’t have the ability to speak, so it is nice to meet people who are understanding of that. I would like to play Halo with all of you and for anyone that is interested message me on xbox. My gamertag is The Batmel


Welcome to the community! I will move this to the Introduce yourself Category

Welcome. Just sent a FR. What time you usually on? Will look for you online.


Welcome to GRG. Sent a FR your way!

Thank you everyone. I am on now. I do not have a normal schedule but I am on whenever. I also need your xbox tags so I can add you guys

On xbox, mine is the same as my forum name: JohnnyHustler.

Welcome to the funhouse.

TexasReaperCrew on XB1

So what is everyone else’s schedule like?

Personally, I’m on most evenings, around 8c time. There is almost always someone on, all hours of the day.

Well good. I don’t enjoy playing alone on multiplayer games. I get shunned in a lot of groups because I am a Mute. I usually will communicate through Xbox smartglass. People seem to think that because I can’t speak, I can’t listen to commands. But I tell you now, that is untrue. My buddy azalin no oni and I play often and I would like to play with all of you.

You should be able to find people on from late afternoon ET until 3 or 4 am ET weekdays and most anytime on weekends.

Wednesdays are the official clan nights, starting at around 9 EST. There are various other nights where you’ll find a lot of GRG online, especially now that the onslaught of fall games is hitting us. I’ll be working on some clan Halo nights outside of Wednesdays as well.

Is anyone on right now perchance?

Looks like @grex, @hell420, and John Kerry 5000 are.

Anyone down to play warzone or swat?

Welcome and don’t worry I’m sure plenty of guys here will speak more then enough for you, and you may want to mute them. Besides we all listen to our own orders anyway…run and kill.

GT beers and leafs


Thank you all. You are a very welcoming group

I should be on late this afternoon around 6pm cst. My son is doing the campaign right now.