Play as Anyone in the Latest Watch Dogs Legion Trailer

Ubisoft unveiled a new trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion at Gamescom, and the trailer goes into a bit more detail about how the “play as anyone” feature works.

Everyone is playable according to the new trailer, but not everyone is the same in term of skill sets and abilities. For example, Viktor can be recruited and will take 50% less damage after necking a few pints. Sue, a lawyer, can get other members of the team out of prison automatically and Alan, a frail older gent, has a 100% damage boost with rifles, but that comes at a cost as Alan can die randomly at any time, due to his old age. And once a character has died, that’s it. They aren’t coming back, due to the game’s permadeath feature.

Each NPC character has a back story with a mission tied to their origins. Once completed and their trust has been gained, that character can be recruited and is then playable. After joining the team, they can be levelled up, and new perks can be unlocked to cause havoc on the streets of London.

Watch Dogs: Legion is coming to Xbox One on March 6th 2020.

I mean, this could make for some hilarious moments but it could also be fucking annoying.
I suppose as an uncommon trait it could work well.