Pineapple belongs on pizza.

Hello :wave: New to the community. My name is David. Most people online just call me Jezza. I’m a 29 year-old borderline alcoholic from Michigan. I enjoy all genres of games, but have been mostly focused on FPS and some rocket league from time to time. My hobbies include playing piano, drawing, and not speaking to my neighbors. I am a Disney World fanatic. I work as a full-time firefighter/paramedic so I spend about 10 days a month at the firehouse. I’m on PS4 mostly but feel free to add me on steam as well. I look forward to meeting everyone!



Pineapple on pizza??? First day in the community and already starting drama.


Welcome Jezza

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Welcome to GRG! What games are you playing?

@PS4Players get @JezzaSHO added!

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Welcome to the community, a man of culture and pineapples, its good to have you

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What do you all play on pc?

Thanks! I’m currently playing alot of Modern Warfare. Warzone and Ground War is sort of my thing.

I play PUBG and Rocket League on PC but I’m open to most games.

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Is this Disneynut trying to sneak back in?

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Welcome! Yes pineapple belongs on pizza (good on cheeseburgers as well).

Where abouts in Michigan? I grew up in Port Huron, moved to Midland when I was 24 and then moved to NC 4 years later.

Welcome to GRG! I main on PS4 so we’ll def have to sync up. I’m playing alot of Division 2 lately but we can def run some COD. I’ll send you a friend request!

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Thanks! I’m from Morrice. Moved to Tampa FL and then to Owosso, MI