Picard - the return

I’m waiting for the official @Lala_Calamari review on this before I spring for CBS all-access…

Lala told me he’s too cheap and is gonna wait so you’ll have to get it from me.

I’m going all in.

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Balls deep?

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I’m so very excited for this show. Hopefully it’s not a Discovery, that show is trash.

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First episode in the bag…

Um… i’ll just say that anyone who is a star trek fan will get sucked in to this plot hard. Minus the originals of course because fuck Kirk.

I still have chills from the first episode.

Fuck you CBS!

Well it’s better than Discovery, that’s for sure.

I’m not sure I’m digging this whole Data mystery part though. All of a sudden they’re going to add odd premonitions to an android that never exhibited them before?? They also seem to have borrowed BSG’s beginning with the synthetics nuking Mars similar to how the Cylons destroyed the peace star base.

I also thought it was odd with how fast Picard decided to side with the girl. Just think if some stranger showed up to your house and was frantically talking about killing people. You’d take them in? And with no real explanation or dialogue?

First episode was ok and oddly paced, definitely not TNG.

Lots of easter eggs.

Nit Picking Lala Item:

How would they not know she’s a synthetic / android / BSG Cylon when they fixed the cut on her head? Wouldn’t the skin give it away? Data’s skin wasn’t human. Wouldn’t their magic Star Trek medical wand do other scans that would determine she is not human?

Ugh, walking the dogs yesterday and was just thinking about that.

Cylons were either cyborgs or so human it was almost impossible to tell. Dahj would be human biologically …that is why he visits Dr. Juati…did you miss that scene? she said the tech was 1000 years away…but here we are

No I understand that and did watch the full episode. My point was “even” if she was a more human android she still isn’t human. Not with the ability to type as fast as she could or being able to jump hundreds of feet in a single bound. She would be different and I’d like to think the medical equipment used to fix her would pick up on it.

The more I think about the first episode the more disappointed I am in it. The story and character development was pretty weak but the biggest issue I had was it’s just not original. Large Corporate / Government entity corrupt or evil. Check. Starfleet sucks now. Sci-fi Girl with incredible powers she knows nothing about. Check, basically every Sci-Fi show has this (ie Firefly). Speaking of Firefly, assemble that rag tag team to go off into space. Check. And as I mentioned , the Android or BSG Reboot Cylon…

I expected better from this show. I didn’t hate it but wasn’t blown away by it either. Maybe it’ll improve over the course of the year.

Lol… So starfleet had been infultrated by hydra? :rofl:

This is why Picard is the best Captain.

Another excellent TNG moment. This is Star Trek.

Back when Star Trek was good…

Some more with Q. Just look at the pacing of the scenes. Slow and deliberate.

First episode is free to watch on YouTube.


Playback has to be done on YouTube.

So you’ll stop watching then? Cool. I don’t think the 25th century suits you.

In other news, second episode down.

Mystery is getting thicker now. Looking forward to the unwrapping.