Phasmophobia interest?

I’m seeing if anyone else might have an interest in this game and maybe teaming up to play its not the most beautiful but it looks like it could be fun

If you wanna seem some gameplay of this here is a link to a person I watch playing it with a friend yes they are pussies and yes its fucking funny

Also for those who know of him General Sam has a video as well but with the VR side here is that one

Let me know if you’re interested in trying it out either here or pm me on discord

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horror movies never bothered me but imagining myself trying to actually enjoy a horrific interactive VR game? fuck that.

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Well i was gonna play the desktop version, i don’t have a vr headset yet but I think id be fun once i get one

I’ve picked this up and played a couple hours and its pretty fun if you like horror games, its not perfect but I’m pretty impressed so far. I’ll give an update once I try the Vr part of it in a couple weeks