PC people

Looking to get out of console gaming and thinking of going PC.
My budget is around 800, it would be hooked up to a TV that is 1080, 120 refresh, plus I am one of those people that has a hard time telling the difference between 4K and 1080, so there is not really a shot that this PC would be later hooked up to a 4K anything.
I have watched a few videos on YouTube for 500-900 builds, but wanted to see what people here suggest.
I would mostly be looking to play older games like Fallout 3/New Vegas, the Mafia games, nothing really that new; Cyberpunk would be the newest game I would have.
Also looking to do some PS3 and 360 rom/emulator if possible, mostly want to play NCAA 14 football again.
The one thing that I know I will be doing different is adding more than that 16GB of memory that most builds are using, I do a lot of photo editing and would like to have at least 24GB if not 32.
Just looking for ideas, looking to see if what I can afford is possible for solid 1080 gaming with high frame rates or will I be stuck needing to save twice the amount and go with a $1500+ build.


Biggest challenge will be the video card. I’d strongly suggest AMD, especially if you do a lot of editing anyways as that’s going to better price per core performance. At least a Ryzen 5 3600x or Ryzen 7 3700x would be even better. Don’t forget a decent power supply. EVGA 650 G5 is what I’ve used in 2 recent builds. For the video card, I’m not very aware of the lower cost options I’m afraid, so I would suggest researching that, but for the motherboard I can strongly suggest the ASUS TUF gaming x570-Plus wifi edition. I’ve been using it for a number of months now and a friend recently got it as well and has been loving it.

I would be cautious ordering from Newegg now a days as they were bought by a Chinese company and customer service has massively gone down the tubes. I picked up most of my stuff locally at Microcenter, I don’t remember where you live but they do sell online as well. Also got things from Amazon and B & H Photo online.

I would go with the AMD3600 32GB RAM 3600, MB 450B MAX or 550B or ASUS TUF gaming x570-Plus wifi edition (I have it), GTX 1660 Super or maybe a RTX 2060 KO. My case is the NZXT H510. Cyberpunk will need more horsepower possibly, but unknown now. The SSD NVM ones 500 or 1TB. Use PCPartpicker to get an idea of how much it will cost. If you have a Microcenter near you, they have Processor/MB combo deals that will lower the price quite a bit. It’s a hard time to build on the cheap now due to part shortages, so good luck.

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A lot of the parts you both have suggested are the same I have seen in the YouTube builds, so perfect starting points.
There is a Micro Center in the Chicago area, about 3 hours drive, and one near Minneapolis, about 4 hours, that I can go to since I like to go to both areas to visit anyway.
I have looked at their site for pre-built since I am not that comfortable build a rig (last one I built was 15 years ago) and finding that the cost they are charging with a pre-build is not to far off from doing it myself.
Leaning more toward doing it myself just so I know what is in the case and what I can upgrade to down the road.
This is the build from MC that I was thinking of either just getting or using as a guide.

I’m 40 minutes from the mc in Illinois :slight_smile:

I’m in Madison

Not gonna go thru what parts…but what I will suggest…

Once you have figured out what the ‘main’ components you want are… Compare the prices to some of the pre-builts. The ONLY reason I say this is due to my experience.

This last PC I went to build in April…I had all parts and plans picked out…was in a store looking for a new keyboard. Out of curiosity i started looking at the prebuilts. And not only did I find one that had 90% of what I was planning on having, but it was cheaper by $200.

And the 10% that didnt match up was just the case and a dvd drive.

So just wanted to add that for some ‘food for thought’. Good luck on your build and keep us updated. One definite great thing about PC gaming right now and being an xbox user…is that we now have the ‘play anywhere’ options…so you probably already have some games that you will be able to play on your PC.