PC - New World - Update/Connection Issue

So on the 24th of Oct…I noticed that in the afternoon I couldnt log on to New World anymore. The application would launch, the game would open…but i would get a blank screen where the “news” would be. If i continued to player selection it would just show that it was trying to connect to the servers only to get a “Connection Error.”


After searching the interwebs about the issue… I discovered various similar issues, but none were exact and not isolated to a specific region. Actually most of the issues i saw were on the Australian Side. Also alot of the issues were stating that they had to use a VPN to play the game. Which originally is why i didn’t think of trying to turn it off. Figured…great, I am already using one…so i dont have to worry about that.

Things I did based on interweb recommendations and basic TroubleShooting.

  • Restart Computer, Reset Router
  • Verify Game Files
  • Manually allow/set permission thru Firewall for New World
  • Verified all Drivers were upto date, including SSD drivers.
  • Launch other games thru steam to confirm Steam wasnt the issue
  • Clear Steam Download Cache and restart Steam
  • Ran SFC scan…This identified a corrupt System File and Repaired
  • Uninstalled New World and Reinstalled
    – This got interesting…during the install, I receieved a “DPC_Watchdog_Violation”
    – After looking thru Event Viewer, I saw that I was receiving alot of errors from a program called “Bonjour”. After reviewing this…I discovered that its a background program that is an apple product that is utilized for networking/discovery of Apple/Mac products. It also has some secondary communication resources for various other programs. But discovered that this program is not needed if you do not have or use anything apple/mac. Uninstalled
  • After the installation, I received/saw on the New World Download status “Corrupted File”
    – Ran the Game File Verify …New World Files repaired

What I DID NOT DO based on recommendation and solutions found on Interwebs…

  • Reinstalled Windows and all programs.

So after doing troubleshooting thru the night, thx insomnia, I discovered the issue was my VPN. Apparently after either a game update or security update this started happening.

Even if I go thru the VPN settings and allow New World as a “passthru” program…it still happens. I have to completely turn off my VPN to play the game now.

Oh also, next time any of yall are running New Worldcan you check your power usage?

After I went through all of this and got the game to launch up again…My GPU was screaming… Checking all my manual settings…Only thing that seemed to somewhat help was to Cap FPS to 30…and even then…every few minutes, it seemed like the GPU would amp up and try to spin more…and while watching the FPS in-game data…It would look like that game would try pushing more…

  • At 60 FPS Cap…the game kept trying to push to 76 FPS
  • At 30 FPS Cap…the game kept trying to push to 36 FPS

That was another change…mine went from “Moderate” to “Very High” after this whole ordeal.

So right now…I am still loving the game, but am in debate on to keep playing based on this issue. Was thinking maybe let the game to continue to get patched for a month or two. In the end…I will probably still play it…just not as much. Will be more like “Observations while playing” for awhile. Checking Event Logs, Power Usage, etc to see what all is happening in the background.

SO…There it is…I posted about this some in the discord. But after thinking about it, I figured I would type of a more detail experience to assist anyone else that might experience this issue.
When looking at the forums Technical Topics, It does seem that there is a large variety of issues going on. But the issues are just all over the place. The GOOD…it does seem like Amazon’s Tech support is responding and noting alot of the issues. So…that hopefully means that everything will eventually get better.

What GPU do you have?

I have a GTX 1650 and game runs well for me. I’m usually around 40-55 fps.

Asus Geforce RTX 2070 Super