PC Gaming - What games have the most of GRG Grouping atm? JAN 2020

So as the topic asks… @PCGamers

I am curious to what games are pulling in the most group play within GRG atm. I am slowly breaking away from Albion Online and am looking forward to getting back into GRG Action.


I think Tarkov is bringing in the most.

I personally am splitting my time between that, Division, and elite dangerous.

Tarkov for me. Not really playing much else since I started into the EFT journey. Prior it was PUBG, CODMW, RDR2.

Destiny. :smirk:

We need a dislike button for this

i’ll dislike you!!!

It’s exciting bro…you know how ‘locked up’ i have been with Albion Online. I know we are playing Tarkov, but as we have said…we need a backup to tarkov. Gotta Test the PC Waters Friend.

My dislike was for the destiny comment lol just giving grex shit I have it on xbox but got burnt out on it. No idea what Albion online is so ya…but ya I get what you mean especially with the servers being crap right now for tarkov.

I have thought of installing Destiny 2 on the PC honestly. @Grex how is it on the PC?

Good. Plays nice and since you can cross save you can continue your character.

Negative is that in order to play the latest content you also have to buy the DLC on PC as well.