Pantropy GRG Server

I have rented a 10 slot Pantropy server for any that are interested in playing. It’s 10 slots so first come first serve during peak gaming hours.

Search in-game server list for “GRG Pantropy”
Password: GRG2019

Edit: I’m jumping in this game blind. I rented the server because I didn’t want to play with randoms.


Did you want to group up with other players or just have everyone do whatever? I went Itokawa before seeing you were Andell.

I think we can just do whatever at this point. Game doesn’t look to be very deep so if we end up nuking each other I don’t think we’ll be out much. I built your typical pleb shelter last night and it’s already wiped. Not sure if glitch or because I didn’t place this thing called a base core in it.

As for me, i’m just going to be base building and focusing on that AI center thing. I’ll PVP in defense but that’s about it.

The first thing you’re told to do is build a shack. What I don’t think you’re told is that it requires electricity. The base core tells you how long you can go without it before your base decays away. Mine said 13 hours once I filled my shack with all of the things you can build without researching .

Well that makes sense now. lol.

Missions appear to be slightly bugged. Killed the egg sacs and the things that hatched from them. Got the reward. Had to abandon the mission and lose some rank and money. Now my mission completion is lower. I guess the solution, until the bug is completely fixed, is to get your reward and then go die somewhere so you get a free abandon.

Durability loss feels a bit high as well. Constructed a nail gun. Killed maybe ten things with it. Now it’s at about 60%. The value of your construction materials may have something to do with this.

yeah. the patch yesterday was supposed to fix the mission bug. Maybe it was a different one.

The iron grind for ammo is atrocious. takes all 17 nails to kill one of those big enemies. Grinding out missions seems to be the only way to gather decent RP as well. going to take forever just to get the scout mech at 3000 RP.