Paladin Mega Thread



I unlocked Competitive play last night. I have not tried it yet, I’m hoping to see better teamwork and Objective play.

To unlock Competitive, you need to get 12 Champions to level 4.


I need to get on that, I think I have 8 champs there but need to check.


It gets you to break out of your standard characters and try new ones. I got to learn how to play Kinessa and Zihn pretty well even though I have an old Kinessa build and no build for Zihn.

Zihn is actually a pretty solid flanker and his Ultimate is nasty. I usually save it to insta kill a tank or their heals. You can really change the flow of the battle when you insta kill a full health tank or heals.


When did you get on. Was on with @Hellscare. Had some good matches.


I wanted to win so I avoided you guys. :rofl:

I hopped on real quick after Cyrodiil. I wanted to get a game in real quick to unlock Competitive. Probably after 11 PM.


Yeah think that is when i jumped off.


I sent him a party invite before you got off @Grex but guess we weren’t competitive enough :joy: @Lala_Calamari


Nope, you’re not. Actually, I was in the midst of a mega long game that ran like 7 rounds. We capped the point 3 times and almost scored twice (payload was right there). Of course my team couldn’t cap the final time and we lost. Hate that shit.


Preview of 2 new skins for Open Beta 54


Relevant to @Lala_Calamari

PSA: The new cost of unlocking all the cards of a champion is 32,400 Essence.


If you’re gonna take the healer I want, at least heal.


Cool. Still would like to earn more as I had to play a few basic builds to make competitive. At least now I’ll need less essence.


So you’re saying DSmooth can’t heal??

I wonder if it’s the old 2o2p guy. lol.

I got over 75k as her the other night. She’s a pretty solid healer.


I like her a lot as a healer. Can do a lot of damage and heal at the same time. Very active character.


@Lala_Calamari @Grex my internet decided to go. Sorry for up and leaving.


That sucks, we could of used your healing later on. You got 90k that round.


Yeah, I don’t think I received a single heal after you dropped.


I’m glad none of my 60K heals as Seris went to you. You aren’t worthy of a heal.


Ruckus change in OB54. He can now fly???


Yeah, I tried it one match. I’m not sure that fly is the right term, but you can go aerial. It worked pretty well, but I had a few times when I was getting caught up in the environment. I wonder if he’s using it with RB at times when it looks like he’s in air then speeds up.