Paladin Mega Thread



Speaking of essence, I bought a bunch of loot boxes using gold and gained about 30k essence just from duplicates.

Just saying.


the grenadier build is nice. i like that one. good dmg with spamming those nades


Yeah, useful for clearing people off capture points. Hit two people and the second grenade is instantly available.


Lala Pro Tip. Get a front line and support build. Help the team, play the meta.

Everyone should have at least one of each class that they can play well with. Heals and Tanks are so very important and roles that should be shared.


I’m going the Jammer route and doing random builds


I still say don’t waste essence on a build until you understand and like the champion and how he/she plays. The build wont help until you know how to best use it.

Read on also tips for playing using the builds including what to buy in game during the match.


Only one way to learn. Put time in. Having 3-4 builds with diverse roles helps a ton. Playing as a scrub flank doing no damage just hurts the team. Plus, spreading out the roles is just good for all. I don’t mind being Front line or Healer, but I don’t want to be forced to all night long. We all want that mad DPS and get the killz.


Learning roles I agree with, my point still stands that builds are a waste until you know what you like and learn a champ.

When you first start, the essence is too valuable to use on a champ you may not like at all.


Not to mention, the game gives you a default build. 100% agree with you otherwise here. Learn different roles and different champs in those roles and do what the team needs.


Founders pack 33% off again. Buy it.




This too


I like to heal. Played Pip this morning and somehow was 2nd overall in damage on the team, 4th in game with almost 50k heals. That shouldn’t be that way at all. Need more dps!


Yep, I always deal crazy damage with PIP.


Healing is tough when playing with randoms. Most aren’t close enough to get a heal when they need it. 50k is pretty solid and Pip is a combo on damage and heals.

I’ve been playing Seris lately and I usually can’t touch those numbers. I try to stay on point and heal who I can buy its line of sight healing. Not much I can do when fucktards aren’t around me or the objective.


I want a challenge but ransoms are a pain. Like winning every siege to get the cart but not being able to push and losing the last cart to lose the game. I want to try out Ying, just a few coins short. Thinking about buying the pack but wasn’t sure of how many play. I like the game.


We have a good amount and can easily field teams. Provided everyone is on.


Link your Twitch account and you get Ying free. Just sayin’. :wink:


Spend the 15 bucks when the game is on sale and unlock all current and future champions. Just sayin’ :wink:

Seriously, 15-20 bucks. 1 night in this game alone covers that.


Yea yea yea. I might just buy it. I’m just cheap sometimes lol. I unlocked ying and I like her. So much going on during the whole match. Not a dull moment of the game. The twitch thing is for pc only. I signed up for a twitch account and everything lol