Paladin Mega Thread



Tried Bomb King last night. Almost have him figured out. I miss too many bombs, I need to get that figured out.

Really want all the Essence so I can create some new builds. This is still my only complaint about the game. It’s a blast if you get some GRG in a room and all take turns with roles.


I need to try Ying out now that i have it unlocked. Need to find a good healer. Mal’damba guy i have been messing with just cant get a good handle on him.


Juxtapose build is what I use.


While not as a game-changing as the last patch or as exciting as its next patch, Paladins: Champions of the Realm’s console versions have received the latest patch.

On the improvements side, the team has continued to address the bugs that are present in the game due to its beta nature. There have also been some quality of life adjustments and a host of new skins with which players can adorn their characters.

There are four new sets of skins and 11 different weapons, spanning characters like Buck, Evie, Kinessa, Sha Lin, Androxus, Barick and more.

On the side of new features, announcer packs have been added for purchase, which alter the default announcer’s voice to a community figure or character of choice. Players can get started with Bomb King and Evie announcer packs along with a Rory/Drybear announcer pack that can be purchased for only one gold for a limited time. The bargain is in celebration of the official Paladins YouTube channel surpassing one million subscribers.

There is a new activity hub where players can organize notifications, login bonuses and more. Though it hasn’t been implemented yet, the hub should contain event information in the near future.

The following bugs were also fixed. Achievement issues do not appear to be addressed yet:

  • Fixed issue with new players not getting prompt for Region selection
  • Fixed a number of language issues with cards preventing them from being used at certain ranks.
  • Fixed an issue with chat where long text entries do not display
  • Fixed Report System to allow for more than 1 entry line.
  • Champion AI when using VGS now use the correct button callout.
  • Fixed localized languages showing incorrect and unlocalized text at Keybindings.
  • Projectiles no longer consider shields for remote proximity distance (ex. Drogoz fire spit exploding on shields from far away)
  • Fixed accuracy of projectiles on clients to closer match that on the server
  • Fixed Grumpy Bomb and Salvo’s bonus damage to shields not reducing the bleed over damage to health

In addition to the bug fixes that carried down from the PC version, there were console-specific bugs that were resolved:

  • [Xbox One] Fixed an issue where sounds would not play properly on Stone Keep.
  • [Xbox One] Re-enabled Stone Keep.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not receive their daily login bonus until they re-logged.
  • Fixed an issue where characters would auto-fire abilities after respawning.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not navigate to certain collections from the Champion screen.
  • Fixed an issue where certain gameplay options would reset upon logging in.
  • Autobuy should no longer reset after being turned off.
  • Fixed an issue where sounds would not play properly on survival maps.
  • Fixed an issue where loading images were not displayed properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Nightbane Cassie skin could not be purchased properly.
  • Added the option to opt-in to receive emails from Hi-Rez.

The patch went live for the Xbox One version of Paladins on Friday, just in time for the ongoing Double XP Weekend. The next patch is set to include a new character named Ash, new mastery bonuses and more and is already ongoing testing on PC.


Need to fix Essence. It would be nice to actually create a few loadouts.


Holy crap, a 4.7 GB update.


New Champion out now.


Upcoming new champion for OB52 Zihn, flanker


I really love this game


I do as well. I wish more people overlooked the simpler graphics (which I actually like, reminds me of a FPS Warcraft game) and the fact it’s similar to Overwatch. There’s a lot more to it than what Overwatch offers. Building out decks and the in game customization adds another level of strategy.


Completely agree dude. I couldn’t care less about the graphics the game play is great. My kid is into Overwatch and I’m teaching her the magic of Paladins. It’s just a better game

They made some nice changes with this last patch.


Founders pack is 33% off right now.


This is a great deal. You’ll get your money’s worth in one evening of playing this game. FFS, it’s $13.99. Seriously, you can’t beat that. You’ll unlock every Champion, forever. They plan on having 40 of them.

Unlock every Champion in Paladins, now and forever! Plus get bonus beta content.

Founder’s Pack Includes:

  • All current and future Champions
  • 10 Radiant Chests
  • All Standard Champion Voice Packs
  • God of War Fernando Collection
  • Infernal Warhorse Mount
  • Fernando Ares SMITE Skin

If you have previously purchased Champions with Gold or Crystals, you will be refunded the Gold cost of each Champion upon purchase of the Paladins Founder’s Pack.


Hey, listen to Lala


So @BrambledWhiskey, @Grex and I figured out a good team comp. Especially good when your randoms go DPS or Flank.

Run Torvald, Rukus and Ying. We smoked a team. They couldn’t stop the 2 tanks. Rukus puts out massive DPS for a tank. And if i’m Ying I give out awesome sponge baths for massive heals. We steam rolled a team with this combo.


Yeah, I liked that team comp. It worked well for us.


Made a build for Barik and played a good bit last night. Man he’s fun and with the right team is pretty good.


You have another. @BalekFekete admitted he likes it.


I’m working on two builds now. A Rukus and a Seris. Figure I can run tank or heals depending on the need. I’m digging both but they seem more of a hybrid class. Both can do a ton of damage. In fact I usually out damage most DPS classes as Ruckus. His down fall is he’s not as tanky as Torvald or Fernando (I think Torvald is the tankiest in casual games). The same for Seris, she’s not the greatest healer (Ying is my main massive healer) but can put out some nice damage.

I still think the Torvald (or Fernando), Ruckus and Ying make a nasty combo that can just sit on an objective all day long.


Downloaded the game over the weekend, and am enjoying it. Will have to get into a match with a bunch here to really get the ropes. Primarily just playing with a Viktor Grenadier build and some Fernando base build so far. Not going to spend a lot of essence until I get a feel for what/how I want to play long-term.