Paladin Mega Thread



And for that sir, I salute you.


And he bitches about EVERYTHING.


Got my Ying Build. Ying is a neat character, it seems like a Guild Wars 2 Mesmer with healing abilities.

I also might check out this build.


I looked at Mal Damba after I had to get off so unexpectedly last night, and found a build that I’m gonna try out. I don’t think I have enough essence however. Anyone know how to get any???


That’s code for RAGE QUIT!


Earning essence sucks in the game. I’m not sure if you bought the Founders Pack or not. They give you a lot if you do. Other than that you just have to put some time into the game. You get it for card duplicates. Which might be hard to come by if you don’t have the founders pack (as they give you a ton of crates, cards and essence).

As it stands, I’d pay an additional $20 bucks right now to forever unlock all cards.

Lala Pro-Tip: Every day you log into Paladins, you get a reward. It’s mostly gold and the last 2 days gives you crystals. Use the excess gold to buy some loot crates. All you have to do is log on, it takes just a minute or so. Each day the reward gets larger.


Daily Quests that give a respectable amount of Essence. It could vary between 1000 - 2000.

Starter Pack. Give all new players a sizeable amount of essence. Say 15 - 20 000. Enough for new players to get most cards for 1-2 Champions. Giving them some choice if they only wish to play with fully optimized characters.

Turn any card into Essence. Not just duplicates, but letting the player chose any card they’ve recieved, and turning them into Essence. Like, they don’t want to play Evie, so they turn all her cards into essence to spend elsewhere.


Yea I did the Founder’s pack, but have chewed through most of my essence already. Cant you just buy it? Wtf.

I’ll have to look at the duplicate card stuff. I know I have some of those


the dupes should auto convert to essence for you? when you open a chest you will see the card you get flip to a bottle of essence.


Ahhh ok I’ve seen that. I’m thinking of burning the cards for toons I don’t play. Thanks for clearing that up


So I had enough essence to make 3 different load outs for Mal Damba, and one for Lex, cause why the hell not?


You reach a point you’ll get a bunch of dupes and essence from them. Really just be selective, they did it this way on purpose I’m sure. I’ve yet to have an essence issue. I play certain characters a lot to level them up though. Spending gold on chests is smart also.


I may or may not have spent some essence all willy nilly style


It’s the only way to do it. Lala approves of that method.


Need a thumbs down on this forum.



Best I can do


Bumping this thread.

I gotta say, this game is fun once you get the hang of what’s going on. And you can’t beat a free price tag. If you haven’t given it a chance yet, you’re missing out. Having s solid squad of 5, with actual purpose and intent, we would wreck this game, the taters that we are.


I may or may not of bought a bunch of Diamonds last night.

Hell, a few bucks to support this game isn’t bad, right?

Anyway, I now have a few new skins.


Grover’s winter skin is a must if you main this character. It looks bad ass. I had to buy it even though I don’t play Grover much.


I also bought Cassie’s Night Bane’s Raiment outfit. I think it looks great. I also have the voice pack that goes with this, not too crazy about that and may go back to default.


I also got Ying’s Snapdragon outfit. It’s ok, clearly not the best character skin. I just wanted something different.


Nice man, I need to check skins out I haven’t really yet. How is Cassie by the way? Ying is a freaking beast honestly.


Talked @Grex into prying open the wallet and spending the $20 for the game. It’s about time. The game is so worth it.