Paladin Mega Thread



I’m uninstalling…


Oh don’t worry I won’t play it again anyways


My biggest issue is the aiming sensitivity is the worst I’ve seen yet. I’ll need to actually try and lower it and see how I do. I know I aim like shit, but this is much to fast when trying to aim.


You’re not alone bro. I had to change mine to 42 I think…the vertical at 50 was way too high.



That’s a pretty spot on article for those interested.

I cannot emphasize enough also, use a site like and make some builds before you play. It makes a world of difference over random choices.


Learn to use builds.

I’m thinking of trying this build for Ying after she whooped my ass the other night.


Random or base model is where it’s at!



Ok, got to level 5 (thanks @rsnumber2 and @Bigfish), and have the hang of the controls. Now I’ll start messing with builds.

I had fun with Ruckus last night, but I even did ok with Pip for a bit - although single shot guns still don’t mesh worth shit with how I play.


Ruckus, Viktor/Trya and a good healer should be able to nuke any player as long as they focus fire. The rate of fire is nasty. Run Wrecker if the enemy team has shield builds, Cauterize if they don’t to prevent heals.

Everyone should learn how to buy upgrades during a match. It’s set to auto buy and that’s a bad thing. Git Gud and learn to buy the shit you actually need.


Also on that note check when you start the game because the auto buy option seems to self enable.


Played a few rounds tonight after GTA. 1st round was really good, we smoked the team. 2nd round we capped every time and got close to the end all but the last time. I’m not sure if people don’t understand when it’s 3-3, the next cap wins.

One question, how the fuck do you earn essence? It’s the purple stuff used to craft the cards. I know you get it from duplicates from loot crates. And you can also use your gold to buy loot crates. Is there another way? Can I buy essence with diamonds or gold?

I really want a Ying build but can’t craft the cards I want.


Nope, it’s all through chests/duplicate cards pretty much so you have to be smart about what you unlock if you don’t have enough. Play enough, buy enough chests and you can get some but it does seem to be a pain in the ass that people hate.


That’s what I figured. It’s really the only thing I dislike as it discourages you from trying different characters or builds.

I’d pay another $20 bucks to unlock all the cards… just saying.


It is a common complaint honestly. I will say out of 4-5 chests I usually get around 3000 essence but I had a lot of cards so now I have more duplicates. It also helps that I was gifted a shit ton of it :slight_smile:


Have any of you played PvE? I can’t figure out how to get into it, it’s not an option for me.


I don’t understand those letters. PvE? Sounds awful.


Oh right, didn’t mean to interrupt you bitching about not having enough essence.



It’s in my GRG contract. I’m allowed to bitch about everything. It’s my one perk here, don’t ruin it.