Paladin Mega Thread



Rabbi I saw you on last night but I didn’t notice until I was logging off. I have been playing a ton of Ruckus, I’ll be standing on the point taking a ton of fire and look around and my team is hiding trying to get a kill




Lol silly autocorrect always thinks it’s smarter than me…


Nice, I was screwing around with other champions and builds mostly. We will have to hook up man. I’m by no means good but I play the objective. I also curse a lot. A. Lot.


Rabbi, Robb…any others?


I have many names for your ranging from lover to jackass.


All of them accurate.


I haven’t tried Ruckus yet. Fernando is my tank of choice even though I understand he’s not the best to use. Especially if the other team is smart and decides to use Wrecker. Eats the shields up quickly.


Ruckus is just fun to play. Played right he’s amazing. One match last night I was something stupid like 47-5 and that’s capping objectives.


Gunna take


If it still works, I have a buddy that wants to try it out


Some of the best matches I have hadn’t so far is when I have a teammate that takes Fernando. Him and Ruckus are really hard to push off a capture point.


I’ll be your Fernando if you’ll be my Ruckus…


I love it when you talk dirty…


What time does everyone normally get on through the week?


Just a heads up Paladin’s is now available for everyone to download…


Finally, I really think a lot of GRG will get into this. Make sure to check out for build info.


Installing now

Ok idk wtf I’m looking at with that website so I’ll just wing it like always


You’ll sort it out once you play. It’s not really that hard, even for texans.



Played a little bit with Kinessa. Not bad. Dropped $20 on the Founders Pack.