Paladin Mega Thread



Looks like you can still sign up for the beta. @rabb /robb is bugging me for a Paladins night. I know @DuvalFunk has it. We need to squad up and wreck some shit.


I’m down. Just let me know when. Melt some faces!


Are there Xbox beta codes floating around the community for this? I’m a big fan of Smite so I may enjoy this too.


Try one of the ones in this thread. Let me know if not, I’m pals with the community manager and may be able to get one.


Try signing up for the beta. I’m not sure if they are giving any out anymore.

The base game will be free when it’s released so everyone can try before they buy.


Ok will do, we have an overnight babysitter on Wednesday nights so the wife and me from the Xbox, I’ll give it a shot tomorrow


Just realized the founders pack was only $20 and that includes all champions now and in the future. Bought the same thing with Smite and it has more than paid for itself so I went ahead and picked it up.

Now I just hope people play it when it releases.


I was lucky and got it when they had it on sale for $15. I love this game. It’s the slutty, trashy sister of Overwatch.


I usually prefer the slutty trashy sisters…


Been watching some champion videos, I usually prefer an objective/tank based character so I think I’ll probably start with Fernando


I haven’t played Overwatch in awhile so things may be different but I prefer Palidins more. For whatever reason, I’m more comfortable with Paladin’s heros. I also really enjoy the ability to create builds and to customize them in game based on the enemy teams. It just adds a little extra to the game.


Will you ever reach the point you play OW again so you can at least definitively say?

Otherwise you’re basing opinion off something that’s no longer an issue. Although I suspect you’ll still dislike it.


I’m trying to. GRG is just so damn busy and balls deep into BF1. My goal with FPS Mondays is to branch out to different shooters, or at least offer options. I’ll fire up a squad then bitch about it later. :wink:


I’m on it a lot just join me or message me.


Yeah I could easily play anything else on Monday. Three days of BF1 a week is probably overkill for me.


So that settles it. Mondays, Overwatch or Paladins or something other than BF1. Let’s do it.


I own overwatch and Paladins, but would have to reinstall overwatch so as long as I had a little notice that is fine.


So I have learned that there are a lot of people that play this game that just don’t understand the concept. So many of the randoms just run around the map and go for kills and never even go to the objective


No shit, my favorite is during the sudden death round. All you have to do is cap the point to win and your teammates are anywhere but the point. GG dopes.


I blame CoD honestly. Kids see games like this for free and just kill whore. If 2-3 of us teamed up we would maul people by PTFO.