Paladin Mega Thread



I took your word for it Lala and got this game I am going to give it a go tonight.


Excellent. We’ll have to get a squad going. @rabb get yer bitch ass online!



That Fernando Skin looks pretty cool. Plus they added a new Champion, Lex. Haven’t had the chance to play as him yet.


I need to try Lex he seems to fuck people up.


So I picked this game up on a whim. Got a couple of games in. Pretty fun. After watching a few videos of it and the game only being 20 bucks I figured “why not”. We should get a squad going one night.


Who do you guys like to play as?



Check out this site for Champion builds. They have some pretty solid builds and guides on how to play.


maybe we can get together today. later today I have to work, but I would like to play this afternoon.


I like playing Grover whom I keep calling Groot. I’m trying to learn with him for now.


I haven’t played a healer yet even though one is needed. I usually run one of the damage guys because who doesn’t like shooting shit. Although lately I’ve been running tank and when I do our team usually wins. I’ve seen a lot of random teams without a tank. It’s crazy.

For tank I’ve been using Fernando. He’s a Reinhardt rip off. He does well in the beginning but it get’s tough when the enemy team starts equipping Wrecker. Eats my shield up quickly.

This is the build I use:

Two good Damage dealers that are pretty much CoD type styles are Viktor and Tyra. I prefer Tyra a bit more myselft.

I use this build for Tyra:

I use this build for Viktor:

Another DPS champion I like is Cassie but can’t play her often. You really need a proper team set up and people actually playing objectives. Which is rare in public matches. You need some distance to play as Cassie.

I use this build but may change it.

Finally, I try to play as Skye when I can. She’s ridiculously good and maybe a bit OP, which is why she’s never available. She’s a flank and fast as all fuck. Then there’s the unreal damage she does with her main weapon. It’s so retardedly powerful.

This is the build I use for Skye:


Don’t listen to Lala just randomly build what you like.


The funny thing is Skye is maybe the weakest comp player.

I play Ruckus a lot, Tyra and Viktor. One of my good friends is the console community manager for Hi Rez.


Changed the thread to Paladins Mega thread because I do what I want!



It’s interesting to me you don’t like Overwatch. I’ll admit I like the cards and all that about Paladins better but for what it is I love Overwatch.


The AI controlled Turrets really turned me off. People getting rewarded for kills they didn’t “earn” just doesn’t sit well. Especially Torbjorn’s turret, thing had stupid range and such a fast lock on time. I would use Reaper to teleport behind one to kill it and be dead before I teleported in.

Also, I could never really find a character I liked or could play well as other than Roadhog. I should try it again as I know there’s been a ton of balance patches.


Yeah give it another try, they’ve nerfed that quite a bit.


I may get it again if I can find a cheap used copy.


@DuvalFunk and I got a few rounds in. We got smoked in two rounds because our team was full of tards. One Fernando didn’t even use shields or get on point.

The one round we rolled the team.