Paladin Mega Thread



crossplay between what? xbox does not do crossplay today. mainly because they are usually 2 weeks behind the PC version on releases.


You gonna put it in your cart or nah?


It’s not clear on the cross play. From what I’m reading on Resetera, the only version coming out on the 12th is the founder’s pack, with a f2p version coming later. Also, it seems like maybe this was supposed to be a “get it now” announcement on the Nintendo Direct on Tuesday for E3, but was leaked early.


My bet would be that it’s Xbox/Switch crossplay, since the console versions are behind the PC version.


No comma tho. You’d have to use discord or a separate device comm as switch doesn’t support it.


BTW, it’s been confirmed that cross play is Xbox to Switch.


@Lala_Calamari @Grex @JohnnyHustler if you haven’t played in a while like me, they made some changes to the UI. I played 2 matches last night and otherwise it feels the same. Including me as a support (Ying) having more objective time and eliminations than the front line while everyone else sat back and sniped. We lost of course. Good times.


lol, hate some of the randos that play.


If by some randos in Paladins, you mean all of them…then yes, I agree.



Hi-Rez isn’t fucking around with Cross Platform play. This is very exciting!

Hey Champions,

It’s been so exciting to pioneer cross-progression and cross-play, and we’ve made amazing progress so far. We’re so excited to get this feature live and out to as many players as possible, but we don’t want to rush it.

In 2019, we’re more focused on polish than ever before. We want to do it right, not do it quick, and we’re going to need a little more time to properly execute this massive leap forward.

We want to make sure that we’re able to introduce features that you’ve requested and will make cross-play the best experience it can be, including:

  • Voice chat for every player on your team, regardless of platform
  • Matchmaking by input type, regardless of platform
  • Keyboard and mouse support for Xbox
  • Fully functional cross friends list

We expect cross-play across Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch to release with all of these features in Update 2.02. We’re also targeting a 2.02 release for cross-progression across PC and Xbox.

Thanks so much for your patience and support–we know these features will be worth the wait!

See you in the Realm,

Alyssa & Molly


Yes! Man I want to play this more this year.




Why the sigh buddy


Fucking Sony man.


Yeah lame. I have it on PS4 also and would be happy to play some time. I absolutely love the game.



Why is Sony holding out on Cross Play? I don’t get it.


Money, what else could it be.


There is too much to copy and paste, some good stuff though. And a new champ!