Paladin Mega Thread



Is there a default to stop auto buy during a match, or do I need to turn that off each match?


It’s in the settings. Turn off Auto Purchase.


oh its his dash. he can kind of burst up with it. that’s cool


Yeah but it’s bugged and turns back on. Just turn it off with Y when you go to the purchase screen.


It won’t purchase stuff though. Or has a delay. I don’t think Johnny knew how to disable it in general. Then again I don’t think he knows how to strafe or pull his right trigger.

Johnny’s new name is Captain Bullet Magnet.


This coming from Captain Drive Everyone To PCP.


My car is gassed up and ready to drive you there as well. Do you want shotgun or would you prefer the backseat?


You know I only ride in the sidecar.


It doesn’t but you have to turn it off is my point, even when it’s turned off in settings. They just made it now ask you if you want auto purchase on the screen all the time instead of saving the setting.


Jenos, the Ascended teaser.


A teaser for you fans of the game. We had Matt who is the Community Specialist for Hi-Rez Studios interview with us last night for the upcoming Reapercast. You will be able to hear the interview this Wednesday when the next episode releases. A big thanks to @rabb for putting us in contact with Matt.


Awesome and no problem! Matt is an awesome dude, I met him when I got into streaming a couple years ago…he runs a community focused on helping streamers. Cannot wait to hear it.


Nice. Thanks @rabb for hooking that up.


Good job Rob.


There’s also a brief video showing off the next map to be added, entitled Splitstone Quarry. According to Hi-Rez, players will “venture into the depths and explore some all new terrain.” The new location is coming in patch OB55.

Lastly, a new cinematic trailer has been released for Paladins. Called “No One Escapes the Law,” a nod to Lex’s ultimate ability, it features five Flank class members duking it out (just like your public matches!). There doesn’t appear to be an occasion for the fancy new trailer, but perhaps the FPS — which has been in open beta on consoles since May 3rd and PC since September 2016 — is nearing a final launch?

It’s all destined for Paladins in the coming weeks.


Keeps getting better.


At this point, it’s easily taken over Overwatch for me and I love Overwatch.


You two timing slut.


Paladins fans make sure to check out the latest ReaperCast where we interview the Paladins Community Manager.


Not two weeks after being announced, Jenos is now available to play on Paladins: Champions of the Realm and Hi-Rez also made sure all the details for the champion were available. Jenos is a support hero with 2600HP and one healing Ability. The remaining abilities may resemble some other abilities of similar games, but the combination of them into one champion makes Jenos have potential as an aggressive support character.

Jenos’ primary ability (his weapon of choice) is the Star Splitter, a mid-range automatic weapon that deals 120 damage every 0.13s (923 damage per second).

Jenos’ secondary is Astral Mark, an ability that heals up to five champions and up to 250HP\sec (50 per champion) with a 9sec cooldown and a potential duration overflow of 150%.

Then we have Void Grip, a 0 cooldown skill that locks an enemy up in the air and deals 150 damage per second for 2.5 seconds. Movement abilities from the enemy interrupt the effect.

Stellar Wind gives Jenos a Borderlands 2 kind of gravity, with 75% faster speed and bigger longer jumps and falls. Jenos cannot fire during Stellar Wind.

Hi-rez also released a trailer to sum everything up:

Jenos’ ultimate, Through Time and Space, locks him in to place for 1.5sec with immunity to CC damage and then releases a long range blast that causes 2400 Damage in a straight line, regardless of obstacles or walls.

Jenos is available to play now.