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Changing the thread to Paladins Mega thread.

have 2 beta key codes for Paladins if anyone wants to try it. Just leave a post here if you use them.



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Shooter McGavin Monday 3/27

Same here, these are for PS4





I had the chance to play this for a few rounds tonight. It’s actually a lot of fun. It’s early now and maybe people haven’t figured out ROFLStomp builds yet but it was a good time. This game is 95% Overwatch with 5% Smite added in. The characters are almost a complete copy of Overwatch. I think they might have more though. They had the Shield guy, the junkrat clone and the turret guy.

Also, the game mode is pretty much the same. Starts with one cap point. Whoever wins that gets to escort the payload to the enemies base. There is no attack or defense rounds. That’s determined by whoever caps the first point.

What is different is the Smite customization. While there is a lot of options to customize your player throughout the game it’'s not as in depth or as complicated as Smite. Which is a good thing. I think they found a good sweet spot. During the game you earn money which you can use to buy perks or abilities. There is also tiers to those perks. I’m sure the neckbeards will be creating builds for the game.

Overall, I’ll have to say I enjoyed it. If you can get a key give it a try. Download is only like 6GB. The games are fast and fun. I found a character I liked right off the bat. I’m looking forward to playing this more.


Apparently this is a Free to Play game similar to Smite. You can earn in game gold to unlock characters. Or you can get the Founders pack (on sale now for 15 bucks) to unlock all the characters.


Unlock every Champion in Paladins, now and forever! Plus get bonus beta content.Founder’s Pack Includes:- All current and future Champions- 10 Radiant Chests- All Standard Champion Voice Packs- God of War Fernando Collection- Infernal Warhorse Mount- Fernando Ares SMITE Skin If you have previously purchased Champions with Gold or Crystals, you will be refunded the Gold cost of each Champion upon purchase of the Paladins Founder’s Pack.


Same experience here, Lala. If you like Overwatch you will like this…it is a clone without a doubt but it’s pretty fun.


Bought the founders pack.

@Das you might like this game.


I didn’t know you could buy that for console.


Xbox has it on sale for 15 bucks.


Nice thanks, was $12.99 on PSN.


Promoted to Ps4 team lead.


lol…I’d maintain the activity level currently…guaran-fuckin-teed


That would be inline with all the previous Ps4 staff members.

Get this game on Sexbox. I’m really digging it. Played some more today and it’s a ton of fun. Maybe I miss Overwatch? I don’t know.


If one of those codes is still free I’ll do that, I just didn’t want to be a dick since I have it on PS4.

I like this style of game so I’d play with you.


I took PVFJ4-RMR47-2M7C4-X426P-2XVMZ, fight me.


Wow what a dick.


A bunch of champion guids, in all caps of course. Going to try some out later.

I wish we could get a squad running. I played a bunch of rounds last night and got stuck on teams that were allergic to the objective. Seriously, none would actually try to cap the first objective. Even if we made it to sudden death (which they need to better inform people that it’s the final round). In sudden death all you need to do is just cap the point. That’s it. My team went everywhere BUT the circle. It was awesome.


I had that same experience in Overwatch comp last night


@Lala_Calamari if we are both on over the weekend let’s group up. I know in OW even two people playing together helps tremendously.



I played this quite a bit in the PC beta before they changed everything. I got into the Xbox beta a few months ago but have only played it a handful of times. I need to give it a shot again.